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6.6.16 LS SBG Meeting

6.6.16 LS SBG Meeting


ATMIM – Connecting and Creating Representations

Algebra 1 Problem Set

Geometry Problem Set

Algebra 2 Problem Set



Technology Integration and Building an Online Hub

Greetings all!

So that it is easier to follow along and get to the links for today, I have placed them all hear for you.


We are going to start by thinking about tech integration writ large with a framework that I hope situates your practice, pushes you to reflect on your practice, and possibly points new directions to take it.

Here is the opening short ppt:

Link to Technology Matrix – spend about 12 minutes perusing!

Part 2:

Setting up an online hub:

Extensions and Add-ons

#TestingtheTest at UMass Boston

The AM session is on next generation assessment in general and how it actualizes or brings to life the shifts embedded in the standards:

The PM session is a working session with a close look at PARCC items with clear criteria for analysis to guide reflection on these items:

Here are the documents, rubrics, etc. used during the workshop:

Getting Conceptual in the Math Classroom

Greetings!  I was fortunate to meet with Middle School Teachers from Lawrence Public Schools in the Fall and am back for a winter session.  The aim is to provide some practical “moves” or “practices” to shift classrooms toward the conceptual. Please find the presentation embedded below! Links to resources, etc. are included within.

ATMIM 2014: PARCC Potpourri

Each winter the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts (ATMIM), an affiliate of NCTM, holds a winter conference. Here is the link to all of the offerings for this convening, New Methods and New Ideas for the New Year.  I am fortunate to offer a talk on different aspects of PARCC and how the vast set of resources found at PARCC online “fit” together.  Please find the presentation embedded below.  In addition, I have included a link to a digital folder that holds a copy of the cognitive complexity file. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the work of Ted Coe and those familiar with his site will see his fingerprints all over this presentation.

Click here for files from the talk