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Professional Education Learning Communities … Definition…Process…Common Core

October 25, 2012

Part 1…Professional Education Learning Communities … Definition…Process…Common Core | 21 st Century Educational Technology and Learning…

How does a learning community benefit educators?

  • It builds professional knowledge allowing educators to make meaning of work while providing best practice leading to student success.
  • Learning communities are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be accessed from anywhere to everywhere.
  • These learning communities remove educators from the isolation of their four walls and provide a supportive team rich in resources, reflection, and feedback.
  • New resources, tools, methods, and research are constantly made available… many times within minutes of creation, production, or publication.
  • They provide a way to promote and model life-long learning allowing for necessary transformation and change that has become a mandate in today’s education environment.

Part 2…Professional Education Learning Communities…5 Easy Steps…50 Links…Goldmine of Resources


Those First Steps…  or… Tweets

  • Sign up at  (Remember the user name (handle) you pick will become what you are known by on Twitter. Give it some thought. Be sure to read and understand Terms of Service.
  •  Set up and edit your account and profile. Read more from this important Help Link.
  • Following and Followers. How do you do it all? Read more about this topic in this Help Link. Remember when searching using the “Discover Tab” and press “Who to Follow”… you can choose by Subject… Name… Handle.  You will also find people to follow at, and
  • Discover Hashtags, Searches, and Advanced Searches. First, make sure you examine this useful Help Link. Remember that you can search for any area of interest using the Main Top Menu Search Box. AlsoHashtags (#) allow you to look for, follow, and interact with predetermined categories of topics. Some places to find educationalHashtags include; November LearningCybraryman Hashtag, and Edudemic.
  • Discover the real power of a Twitter Search.  By going advanced in your search you will discover a whole new world.  In fact it is part of a new post coming your way.
  •  Check out the Welcome to Twitter Facts.  You might especially want to become familiar with the Twitter Glossary. You may also wish to look over the Twitter Best Practices.




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