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National Center on Time and Learning

Lauren Stoorza (@bccsmang) and myself (@dgburris) are fortunate to be talking through part of our school’s journey to implement new standards with the National Center on Time and Learning. If anyone has questions or is interested by what they see in the slides below please send us a tweet or email. We are always looking for conversation partners that can help us serve our students and families better.


EdTech, Collaboration, and Mathematical Thinking

Please find two slide-decks for talks I am giving this week on common core implementation.

The first is a talk on specific work on common core implementation going on at my school and places where we have utilized technology tools as well as collaboration to drive implementation.

The second is a talk on “mathematical thinking” as it is embodied in the standards, PARCC model content frameworks, and the PARCC assessments.

From PARCC to Practice

This week am getting to think through PARCC and Common Core with Jeremiah Burke High School and Middle School Teacher’s in Lawrence Public Schools.  Please find the slidedecks and the links within!

Jeremiah Burke: From Common Core to PARCC


Lawrence Public Schools: From Evidence Statements to Practice

Leveraging Connected Educators to Implement the Common Core

Please find below the slide-deck for how one school and an educator is shifting and has shifted to the common core as part of a webinar sponsored by the National Association of State Boards of Education and the Alliance for Excellent Education for a Connected Educator Month entitled “Leveraging Connected Educators to Implement the Common Core.” The webinar featured three teacher leaders who are instructional leads in their schools and districts in implementing the Common Core: Sarah Brown-Wessling (an English teacher and department chair at Johnston High School in Iowa), Darren Burris (a mathematics teacher and instructional coach at Boston Collegiate Charter School in Massachusetts), and Heather McGovern (a special education teacher for grades K-3 as well as the Response to Intervention lead at Middletown Elementary School in Kentucky). We attempted to engage participants with strategies for teaching the Common Core as well as highlight helpful resources to facilitate classroom instruction and professional learning. Dr. Monica Almond from the Alliance for Excellent Education and Efrain Mercado from the National Association of State Boards of Education moderated the discussion.

From Standards to Practice

Katie Novak’s Talk for Session 1:

She mentioned LDC Template Tasks … here is the link:


This post holds everything I am about to share (or have shared) with you (teachers) at the Fall 2013 Boston Common Core Conference.  Other places you can find stuff I curated on common core can be found here:

To post questions during the conference you can write them in here:

Here is the Google Presentation:

Here is a link to the files for the activities and resources I used:

Here is a link to Algebra 1 resources:

Here is a link to problem-based learning resources:

Some of the links I shared on the resources slide:

Educational Leadership:Students Who Challenge Us:Eight Things Skilled Teachers Think, Say, and Do,-Say,-and-Do.aspx

Teacher Development Research: Keys to Educator Success | Edutopia